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About Our Games

This page contains some basic information on the games we make. Please contact us if you need to find out more!

About The 23rd Letter

The 23rd Letter is a game based in a world of conspiracies and secrets where psychics are real and becoming more and more commonplace. The players will play psychics or humans caught in the secretive war between government projects and the corporate powers. Refugees flock to the Network but this is an imperfect refuge. Time will reveal the terrors to come. A supplement for The 23rd Letter entitled "The Project Sourcebook" will be available in the fall of 1997.

T23L uses the ERIS system; a simple and very fast mechanic coupled with speedy combat resolution and detailed character generation. Also includes rules for psychic powers! The book is perfect-bound and has 72 A4 pages filled with information on how to run a game and was reviewed in issue 16 of arcane where it got 8/10. It was also reviewed in issue 37 of SFX where it got a B+.
Now in the Second Edition and retailing direct at 9.99 Sterling.

About SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO

SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO is a pocket game set in a world filled with anime and manga conventions. Giant robot warriors fight against otherworldly demons and two alien races fight an ancient battle with the Earth as their battleground. This game has a super fast skills system and includes rules for building your own transforming meka as well as cyborging, energy guns and powersuits. It also includes background for the city of San Metro in 2019, site of an interstellar and interdimensional war that you can decide the outcome of. All presented with a humourous style in a perfect bound A5 booklet retailing direct at 7.99 sterling.
SNCC XDO was reviewed in issue 37 of SFX magazine where it got an A!!!!!!

About Qabal

Qabal is a game based in a world where magic is real and the ancient mysteries have survived to the modern day at a terrible cost. The players take the part of occultists, magicians or normal human beings who will combat or covet the power of the ancients as best they can. The collision of Occult Orders and Ancient Religions provides a rich background with a wealth of source material. In Magic, The Truth Can Be Revealed.

Qabal uses the ERIS system; a simple and fast mechanic with speedy combat resolution and detailed character generation. Also includes rules for Magic. Qabal has been removed from the immediate release schedule. Please contact us for more information.

Other Games

We are releasing basic codenames of games in development. There are more but these represent the titles that are being worked on.
These are:
  • Capital - not ready yet
  • Frontier - not ready yet
  • Supers - not ready yet
  • DoA - not ready yet

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