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The 23rd Letter

Do you know what your children are?

Esper - term coined by the whitechapel Project to identify those who possess powers of ESP and psychometry. Now used to refer to all psychics.

The time is now. Psychics exist, not many, but enough - enough to worry those in power, and interest those who seek power. Governments and Corporations fight over them. The Network provides an imperfect refuge for those that escape the clutches of those who would abuse them or their powers.

What if every test you had ever done was analysed for indications of psychic ability? What if communities are experimented upon, yielding horrific, but useful results. Thousands maimed and killed each year by the Corporations and Governments. Some do this for power, some for defence, but they all do it, - for the next war will be fought with the mind - and the victor will control the destiny of the human race.

The 23rd Letter 2nd Edition is the main rule book but soon it will be joined by The Project Sourcebook - an insiders view to the government agencies around the world that exert their control on hundreds of lives. From the draughty halls of Whitechapel, to the bitter cold of Siberia, from sun-baked Iraq to the heart of Red China. Detail given on the Spook Squad, GSG-13 and much, much more!

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