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Links Page

This page is full of nice links to other places where you can find copious amounts of gaming resources and other fun stuff. If you have a cool homepage and would like to see it featured here just drop us a line and we'll add it in when we next update the page.

UK games related pages

Phil Masters' List of UK/Irish Cons
J.Anthony's List of RPG Shops in the UK and Ireland
Elenor MacLaren's List of UK and Irish Clubs
Cuckoo's Nest LRP Site
UK LRP Events Guide

RPG Magazines

Arcane Magazine - now defunct
Valkyrie - functionally down
White Dwarf
d8 Roleplaying Magazine
Fractal Dimensions
Adventures Unlimited - dead?
Shadis Magazine
Paul Masons' Excellent Imazine

Official Game Pages

Wasteland Games (Ireland)
Nearside Games (Ireland)
Talewind and their PLUS game
PlainLabel RPG HQ
Imperium Games' Traveller
Pagan Publishing Delta Green
L'Avventura Games
Mikko Kauppinen's PowerGame
Heresy Games (UK)
TriTac Games
Target Games (Sweden)
Dragon Storm
Tesarta's PERSONA system
Nightshift Games/Crunchy Frog Enterprises
The Guide to Adventure
Highlander Games' Chivalry & Sorcery
SuperSurge superhero RPG
The Fourth Millenium
ScapeGoat Games' The End
The Weaving
Outlaws of the Water Margin
Profantasy's Campaign Cartographer

Fan Pages

Chris Lupton's 23rd Letter Page!!!!
White Light, White Heat
Mort Central
Matt's Game Page
2300 AD and Traveller
Project Redcap
Villains and Vigilantes Page
r.g.f.Super-Heroes FAQ
Sandy's RPG Company List
Babylon 5 Lurker's Guide
Gamer Database
Gamer's Defense against anti-RPG claims
Grant & Lin's 3D Space Mapper

Encyclopaedic Pages

Surge's RPG Pages
Yahoo's Roleplaying Pages
Legolas' RPG Index
Woodelf's RPG Index
Stefan Axelsson's RPG Page

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