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Crucible Design Direct Mail Order

In the spirit of wanting to keep costs low within the company and for the consumer we are implementing a direct mail order service where you can order our games directly from us. This will cut out the middle men costs which at the moment we can't afford.

Hopefully when we get better established then we'll be able to use a distributor local to you which should again keep the costs down. At the moment this way we both win!

Code Type Product Price(sterling) Inc.Postage(UK) Inc.Postage(Eire) Inc.Postage(US)
CD.120 Rulebook The 23rd Letter 2nd Edition 9.99 12.50 15.00 17.00
CD.111 Sourcebook The Project Sourcebook TBA TBA TBA TBA
CD.210 Rulebook SpaceNinja CyberCrisis XDO 7.99 10.50 13.00 15.00
CD.X10 Rulebook QABAL
Modern Magic

If you want to buy two books then you can save on the postage as we'll package them together! Contact us to find out the modified rate for multiple books!

All monies should be drawn from a British bank or in the form of a British Money Order. We don't take credit cards. For the best results, buy it at a convention. If you don't see us at your local convention ask the organisers why not.

Please address any questions to Matt or contact us by the snail mail address given on the previous page.


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