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Crucible Design is a small group of friends who game together and now write games together. Our first game, The 23rd Letter, was released at Q-CON 3 in June 1996. We're hoping to produce games that we would like to see on the shelves.

Crucible Design are:

Matt Johnston shanghaied the rest of the team during some heavy gaming sessions when they were lulled into a false sense of security by repeated choruses of " Human Slaves... in an Insect Nation...". He's happiest when running games for his friends and saddest when he's too tired to sit up and watch TRON for the 4687th time.
John Fleming lives the life of the dilettante when not being bugged by the others and told to "Get Up!". He hides in fear of the day when the men in suits are going to come and tell his family of his war crimes during the Napoleonics and then he won't be able to sit up all night and wear a smoking jacket when greeting guests. He sports a VDU-tan and tries to sleep to the grunts of the rest of the group who hide in his drawers.
Colin Johnston thought he was getting into something innocent but by the time he was in, it was too late to get out and the rest of the group had his phone number. Fearing for his family, he's managed to play along with the silly games and soon, he hopes, he'll be able to escape the degradation of the last couple of years.
Eamon Watters snored his way into the affections of the rest of the group one freezing morning in Cork. Since then not a lot has changed, he still snores and recently has developed advanced sniggering powers! He's quickly risen through the ranks and is the proud holder of the Mace of Strangeness (tm) and the coveted title of Grand Steegle id Karooshie.
Mark Lamki laughs in the face of danger and cackles when confronted with deadlines. Being the voice of artistic roleplaying in Crucible Design is hard enough among the charlatans, denizens and war criminals but he has had to contend with extreme physical and mental hardship as well. Someday he might recover from that cold morning in Cork.
Lesley McLarnon has kept the flame of reason burning while we all tried to extinguish it. She is still friends with us as well and visits often though she maintains dignity by selling small arms to children. She can normally be found curled up in a warm sunny spot or hidden behind a big book about Faeries.

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